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VetX Graduate - A Learning, Mentoring & Networking Community

VetX Graduate is a vibrant, online community of like-minded, young vets who share the same goal, to be successful and happy in their career. It’s a unique, independent, educational, networking and mentoring group for veterinarians who want to accelerate their development by learning from some of the world’s most experienced and successful mentors.


Why Join The VetX Graduate Community?

The first few years of your career as a vet are an exciting, but often bewildering time. Sadly, many of your peers will leave their first job within the first 12 weeks, or become overwhelmed and burnout out within the first 12 months following graduation. In fact, more than half of young vets report feeling that their job has not met expectations.  


Can you imagine investing all of that time, energy and money, only to see your dream become a nightmare and quit? Perhaps you are at this point yourself? If so, then know that life in practice can and should be very different and it doesn’t take a big shift to move from an unhappy career to one where your needs are met, and you feel good.


The crucial difference between these two mental states is the level and quality of support you receive. If you seek out and learn how to handle the challenges that daily life in practice throws up from the best in their field, then you will develop skills faster. You’ll master your craft, crush your imposter syndrome and become a happier veterinarian.


As a VetX Graduate community member, you will have access to a network of brilliant tutors and mentors; people hand selected because they are not only rock stars in their field, but they also have an infectious enthusiasm for what they do.


How Does The VetX Graduate Community Work?


VetX Graduate is comprised of five elements that combine to deliver a complete learning experience and online community. Community membership gives you access to all of the training sessions, live mentoring and community group for 12 months.


As a member, you will learn and become skilled at many things including:


  • How to turn mean or nasty clients into great clients
  • How to set professional goals and achieve them
  • How to defeat impostor syndrome and become the veterinarian you have always wanted to become
  • How to manage money and get paid what you're worth
  • How to unplug your brain from your job and master time management
  • How to be kind to yourself and others.

Element One:  Non-Clinical Skills Training


At the heart of the VetX Graduate program are out outstanding non-clinical skills training modules. Each session is delivered by a recognised expert in their field. These core trainings focus on the critical fundamentals no-one ever teaches you at Vet School but are absolutely essential to your success and happiness. Here is our current set of modules:


Session 1: Welcome to VetX: Graduate. Setting your objectives, introducing your digital journal and community networking.

Session 2: Overcoming the imposter within, building resilience and avoiding burnout.

Session 3: The secret equation for the art of persuasion. How to build amazing client relationships to help pets in the exam room.

Session 4: Time Management Mastery - how to create time and keep you sane!

Session 5: Money Ninja - earning money for you and your practice.

Session 6: Breaking Bad - why ego is your enemy.

Session 7: Negotiation skills - how to get what you want and keep everyone happy.

Session 8: Yoga For Life – Tools to deal with stress, depression and pain.

Session 9: Becoming a great clinical and personal leader part 1.

Session 10: Becoming a great clinical and personal leader part 2.

Session 11: Take charge of your happy – positive psychology.

Session 12:  Personal brand – why all vets should have one.


Element Two:  Mentoring “Hot Seats”


A live mentor facilitated ‘Hot Seat’ session where we unpack issues that you face each week. Post questions to your mentor in advance and jump in the 'Hot Seat' for one2one live coaching. Sessions are performed with access for all community members inside the VetX online group training space. There are three mentoring sessions each month one in each time zone, but members are welcome to join any session, any time.

If you are of a more introverted nature, it is not compulsory to take the Hot Seat. You can also post your problem via the community Facebook group, lurk in the background and listen in or email your mentor directly.


Element Three:  The Mentor Vault


A fully searchable library of answers given by our mentors to your everyday challenges and problems. The mentor vault is an easy access online video reference ensuring you have the information you need to tackle challenges easy 24/7.


Element Four: Rockstar Sessions


Each month we invite the brightest and best people in veterinary medicine to deliver a lecture to the VetX Graduate Community to share their wisdom and answer your questions. While these sessions have a clinical flavour, they are also very practical and packed with actionable tips.


Element Five: The Online Community


All VetX Graduate members are given a place within the private VetX Graduate Facebook Community Group where problems are shared and discussed safely with the peer group. The Facebook group has a truly global flavour with community members from all over the world interacting and supporting each other, all backed up by our team of professional mentors.


Your progress is tracked and on completion of the core modules over the first 12 months, you will receive your CE/CPD certificate of completion - something that future employers will value highly. Plus you can retain your status as a VetX Graduate Community member by re-enrolling for another 12 months. There is no limit on how long anyone can remain a member of the community.


A Global Graduate Community


Access to the VetX Graduate Community is available globally and mentoring sessions are held in the evening in three different time zones for your convenience:


  • America: (8PM EST)
  • Europe: (8PM GMT/BST)
  • Australia: (8PM AEST/AEDT)

So regardless of where you are or when you need support and help, your community will be standing shoulder to shoulder, right there with you.


How much does membership of the VetX Graduate Community cost?


You might think that support and teaching from world-class tutors, the support from trained mentors and access to this supportive network would cost thousands (and it probably should). But we are super passionate about helping young vets to get a great start in their career, and so it was a big deal for us to make this affordable for everyone who understands the value of this level of support.


We’ve worked incredibly hard to create a community with huge value and a membership price that make admission a no-brainer. Affordable even if you are a final year student! The full course (12 months of access to training, mentoring and the global community) is available for an annual fee of $550/year (Approx £390/year). That’s $1.5/day (approximately £1/day). Half of what it costs to get a coffee in New York London, or Sydney these days.


The fee is payable as a one-time payment. Or, if you prefer to pay monthly then we can offer a payment option for only $49.95/month (£35/month) by credit card.


And because this is an investment in your education, there are two other benefits you should be aware of. Firstly, the knowledge you gain will massively boost your happiness and effectiveness as a vet. Secondly, it is highly likely that your practice will pay for this course from your allocated professional education budget, or if not, then this is a tax-deductible expense (so you can get a large percentage of the fee back by filing a tax return). So please ask your line manager if the practice will fund part or all of your place. Or perhaps a benevolent parent might cover the entry fee as a graduation gift?


What community members are saying about The VetX Graduate Community


“Having this community of my peers, I can post questions, discuss things and I have these regular meetings - it’s like continuing to have lectures and group mentorship. I feel like I still have a network available to me instead of me being on my own.”

Dr Michael Fontano. USA

“Since joining VetX, I feel in a safer and happier place, where I have a mentor and a group of friends and world-class, rockstar speakers who are supportive and exciting to know and interact with. I now feel much more relaxed and confident that I am getting the basics right and am a better clinician and colleague than I would have been without this support.”

Dr Helen O’Kelly. UK

 “I love being a VetX facilitator – the members are the most engaging, fun, and eager to learn young vets I have ever met. Their questions are fantastic; they just want to absorb the knowledge. I wish I had this type of collaborative group when I was a recent graduate.”

Dr Mary Gardner

VetX Graduate Tutor, USA.

“I have loved every learning opportunity with VetX. Each area we have covered has taught me something new I can carry confidently to incorporate at work.”

Dr Charlotte Dawson. UK

“The VetX program is giving members a huge advantage compared to their peers. The compound interest on the knowledge acquired at this early stage in a young vet’s career is massive.”

Dr Dave Nicol

VetX Academy Director.

So, are you ready to make the best investment in your future?

To join today just click the button and complete the short registration page. Then you're in! It's as easy as that.

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