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Nursing the Breeding Bitch and Neonates

A six-part video series with reproduction specialist Angelika von Heimendahl MSc BVM (Berlin) DipECAR MRCVS.

Breeders are not the easiest of clients and reproduction can be challenging to fit into the everyday life of a practice. Nurses are often the first contact that breeder clients will have with the surgery and establishing good communications based on reproductive knowledge is the best bases of positive outcomes for ovulation testing, pregnancy and birth. Establishing what is a reproductive emergency and what can wait is an important part of giving the right support. The course outlines normal parameters as well as infertility, difficult parturitions, caesarean sections and neonatal emergencies.

Topics to be covered include:
Introduction to male and female reproductive physiology
Good ovulation testing in practice
Possible causes for infertility in the male and female
Care of the pregnant bitch – nutrition, worming etc.
Decision making during parturition
Anaesthesia and analgesia for caesareans
Nursing care of neonates
Giving advice on neutering

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