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TIC Manual Cell Counting Kits
TIC Manual Cell Counting Kits


Further information:

TIC® – The Single Test System for Microscopic Cell Counting

TIC® is a single-use dilution test system for quick, easy, safe, and highly precise microscopic counting of erythrocytes, leukocytes, thrombocytes and reticulocytes in blood, and also leukocytes in synovial fluid.

• Mammals
• Reptiles
• Avian

Easy to Use and Inexpensive

Manufactured by Bioanalytic GmbH, these ready-to-use and high-quality reagent kits allow safe and simple handling.

The TIC products are the official replacement for Unopette, recommended by BD. Of particular interest, will be the Eos-TIC and Natt-Herricks-TIC kits for leukocyte counts in Avian and Reptile blood.

Advantages – So simple to Use

• CONVENIENT – Readily prepared reagents in single test vials available in boxes of 100 or in smaller pack sizes of 10
• SAFE – No mouth pipetting!
• Saves time and money
• The recommended alternative to Unopette


Microscopical cell counting using a Haemocytometer (counting chamber)

Accurate and Hygienic

The dilutions correspond to the recommendations of the German Industry Norm 58932 (DIN 58932) and WHO (World Health Organisation) and can be accurately reproduced.

Freshly prepared samples can be counted up to 48 hours (RBC, WBC) and 12 hours (PLT) respectively.

The TIC® systems of Bioanalytic conform to the regulations issued by the ‘Employers Liability Insurance Association’ NOT to pipet by mouth. No contact with blood or blood-reagent mixture if used, as recommended.

Save Time…Work Safely

1. Fill end-to-end capillary with blood
2. Place capillary into TIC tube
3. Close tube and mix by shaking for suspending cells
4. Mix before loading counting chamber
5. Fill chamber filling capillary by capillary action
6. Load chamber and count cells under the microscope

Ordering Information

The capillary holder (re-usable) is not included in the TIC system. We highly recommend that you order a capillary holder with your first order. The capillary holder prevents the risk of specimen contact if used correctly, and also simplifies handling.

Capillary Tube Holder

The list of TIC® products, accessories and prices are listed in our Price Tab. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and follow the link below for detailed product information, safety data sheets and user instructions.

To see Further Product Information Follow This Link to Bioanalytic GmbH TIC Products or visit our website

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