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Canine Cruciate Surgery: Natural Graft Technique - Astonlee Vet Hospital  - £0.00 Listing ID: 2294

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‘’Natural graft = the natural solution = the natural choice : 96% success rate’’

Dr Paul R. Manning


Clients who want an alternative to commonly used osteotomy techniques find the old graft technique I have used for over 35 years very appealing, reliable, value for money, has a simple logic, is a technique they would choose for themselves and would be recommended to them by top human surgeons.

The reliability is validated in results published from a 15 year study, showing that 98% of cases were judged to have been successful by clients and the surgeon.

See website vets’ section for report and tabulated results.

• Any breed, any size, almost any age.

• Excellent facilities.

• FAQ’s on the website in the cruciate section.

• Zero major complication rate.

• 1% minor complication rate.

• Just 10% chance of needing an operation on the opposite stifle for CCL rupture following surgery on the first leg.

Clients come from a wide geographical area including Dorset, South Wales, Northumberland, Essex, Sussex, Oxfordshire, York, Norfolk, Surrey, London,Middlesex, Herts, Beds and Northants, as well as our locals from Bucks.

For full technical report and tabulated results please click on ‘Visit My Website’ link

There is also a published paper here

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